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Shola Creative Embarks on Creating Business Forum on Photography and Modelling in Nigeria

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Over two decades ago, the Nigerian digital photography industry has gone through series of evolution and rebranding in order to meet its present satisfactory level. And there's no doubt it keeps revolving around latest innovative ideas coupled with today's technology.
In modern Nigeria, Digital photography has in no doubt brought to limelight several distinguished brands and notable public figures in virtually all sectors. It has revved up the modeling industry in Nigeria.
Digital photography and modeling business in Nigeria has always emerged one of the most thriving businesses an average Nigerian will want to embark on. It has been proven by major successful practitioners such as Shola Balogun (Aka Shola Creative - renowned digital photographer), Linda Ikeji (an ex model turned blogger) amongst so many others.
In view of this, Shola Balogun (Aka Shola Creative ) has purposed to organize a business forum which will cover digital photography and all its related mastering courses.
'This would be a huge opportunity for interested individuals looking forward to learning different skills' says Mr Shola Balogun.

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