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Shola Creative Studio is located at No 33 Alhaji Tokan Street, Alaka Estate bu Stadium Surulere, Lagos Local Government Area, of West Africa’s business hub LAGOS in Nigeria. We provide both studio and on-site photo shooting, image retouching services. Our strength lies in product photography, fashion photography, food photography, portrait photography, family photography, wedding photography and architecture photography. Please go to our website to find more details.

A History of Trustworthy Relationships

Shola Creative Studio has been in the imaging market for more than 15 years. Through all those years our goal has been to earn the trust of our customers. To do this we knew we must offer competitive photography, but we also knew fees alone could not make our business superior. We were determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after production. We understood that long term customer satisfaction depended on our ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service staff assisted by the best support systems. And we decided on a way to describe our business.

The Professional's Source

Knowing that our customers are understandably the most demanding group we serve, and knowing that their repeat business would be essential to our success, we adopted the phrase "The Professional's Source" to describe our business focus and use it as a promise we are dedicated to keeping. It is a daily reminder that we must give every customer and every visitor the kind of respect and dependable assistance that would please a professional. Thousands of satisfied customers are testimony to the success of our efforts.

A Nigerian Leader

These policies have made Shola Creative Studios Nigeria’s leading Photography Studio and best service provider of imaging products, serving professionals and consumers through our Lagos office and through direct delivery nationally.

Shooting Smart & With Style

Shola Balogun’s Ideals,

Shola Balogun’s photography has earned him awards as photographer of the Year, and the business model for his flourishing business has him planning his formal activities around speaking engagements and in-house workshops. Browsing his portfolio of vivid and stylish portraits, it's easy to see how his images do a great job of selling themselves--but Shola assures us that it's his studio's efforts to make the client experience unforgettable that seals the deals.

It's More than Photographs

Shola’s tenure as a studio owner has taught him this much: It'll take more than a pretty picture. He's learned this the hard way, refining his business to offer more than just a glamour-shot photo session that pushes hard sales. "Seniors want an experience that's a lot of fun andfeels like a professional, catered model shoot--it should be an experience they'll always remember," Shola says. "From the first call to the studio to the personally tailored photographs, we offer a level of customer service that lets me guarantee the work with 100 percent satisfaction."

To enhance his reputation, Shola's studio takes every step it can to ensure a positive, fun experience. In the studio (as well as outdoors and on location), that can mean sessions that incorporate up to five light sources. To keep the mood right, Shola's team plays the music the client wants to hear, blasting from CD’s. Clients are offered cold drinks, a studio tee-shirt, mints, and a personalized welcome sign that greets them when they arrive. Everything they can do to make things extra special and anything to really set them apart, they do.

"We have a preconsultation with the client to let us know more of who they are, so that we can have a very knowledgeable approach to each person as an individual,” " this ‘getting acquainted time' enables us to target the look they want, and the resulting mood is more relaxed. This translates into our style, our approach. I think even our settings add to how we're perceived.

Shola guarantees his work 100 percent, and this means a level of commitment that further conveys his studio's image. "Not everyone likes having their photograph made," he says. My clients don't have to perform, the pressure is on me, and they know that up front. If I don't get what I need to do a great job, it is up to me to rectify the situation."

Shola says that his sales for prints rely on the emotional connection and images they've made together. "You're pulling at your client's heartstrings to make a great sale," he says. "We put our clients on a couch, give them something to drink, and leave them to the music and the slideshow as they review their images. To continue the theme of a studio with class, we now call our print offerings ‘collections' instead of ‘packages,' as we feel it has a better ring to it--especially when I saw the middle-income market as being too competitive a few years ago and decided to shoot for the next income-bracket of clients. Sure, we raised our prices, but we also slowed down and reevaluated how we did business. Instead of running around and chasing as many new clients as we could, we now book few sessions a day, so that each client gets the attention he or she deserves and the full experience we can offer. This also lets the back-end Photoshop work move at a more relaxed pace--we are not burning out, constantly trying to keep up. Instead, we are enjoying the work, enjoying each set of photographs, and making a better product--and we now charge accordingly."


Shola's studio's success also relies on his trusted tenured staff, which consists of experienced individuals: Photoshop guru, office manager, cosmetologist, sales and portrait consultation expert. Without his key team members, he assures, things wouldn't run as smoothly. He has plenty of friends who are up past midnight every evening catching up on post-processing work at the computer, and he is all too aware of the benefits of an office manager. His sales specialist does the marketing, leaving him to be the creative, upbeat personality he loves to be when he shoots, knowing the rest is all in great hands.

Post-shoot, Shola says that his time at the computer is almost minimal with this quality of help--the stylish work in Photoshop is dictated by a consult with the client to discern what styles they like (e.g., "dreamy" qualities versus black-and-white) and a myriad of other options. He personally prefers more contrast and saturation in the final prints, and that will often show in his portfolio picks.


Shola knows that the marketing of studio photography is becoming more and more competitive, so he feels a need to be smarter about his studio's approaches. "I need to feed my family, so I'm also looking for ways to market without blowing the budget," he says. "I've purchased a few lists for direct mailing, and that's certainly been very effective for us. We also select spokes-models (we find that ‘spokes-model' is a cooler name than ‘rep.'

Regarding his searchability on the internet, he knows that this is where keywording metatags and Google-ranking efforts are things to constantly update. "We've also bought some domain names that will help us direct more traffic," he says. "Right now, my website is more event-oriented, so we want something that offers teen-paced interaction. We'll have a separate site solely for seniors shortly."

Shola finds that his best method to ensure a sale is to keep his sales pressure-free. "We don't strong-arm during sales," he says. "We think that if we do our job well, they'll have to have the photographs. So we do what we need to do to make them happy, and I always remember that I'm only as good as my last shoot!"


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